Week 27


It’s difficult to find time (and energy) to do a selfie  of the weekly bump. But here it is! As you can see, the baby bump looks HUGE. I think it must be pretty bigger than average because the GP that I saw two weeks ago when I was unwell thought I was expecting twins >. <

Baby is quite on track with her growth rate, and she was doing sucking motions and raising brows at the ultrasound scan today. The gynea said that her face shape looks like Daddy's. 
Okay so we have a nose like Daddy's, and a face shape like Daddy's. I'm still waiting for an indication of my 'input' here. Eyes and dimples, please ? :p

I went through the Glucose Tolerance Test today. If you knew me long enough , you'd have known that I'm terrified of needles. But after having to be sewn up on my face for that incident with Yuko, it has toughened me a lot more. But having three blood withdrawals in the span of 2 hours is still a very harrowing experience.  I told Weide that will I never want to go through this GTT again when we have our second kid. I also didn't think that I had to this time, because I thought GTT is only administered when my urine samples show some indication of high sugar level. But maybe I thought wrong.

The results came back today. No Gestational Diabetes, but sugar level is on the high side of normal. I should have asked for the exact figures, cos it may suggest Impaired Glucose Tolerance or Prediabetes.  Will probably check with the doctor again on that. Haemoglobin level is below normal range ,so I have to resume my iron supplements , but given the terrible vomiting incidents when I last had them, I am having quite a phobia of taking iron pills. I requested the doctor to switch me to an alternative,so let's hope it works !

Been reading about birth plans. And realised that water births sound very ideal for me ! Unfortunately my gynea isn't very comfortable with it, so I guess I better be conservative this time around, and maybe try a water birth method for a second kid.  I've also indicated to her that I wouldn't want to be administered with the epidural. She said I should keep my options open, because while I may be resolute in my decision now, I may be putting my husband thru a lot of distress if I were to be in pain. Hmmmm….. but im the one giving birth here!
Anyways, I think that my gynea isn't bad or anything.  She's good at what she does and I think she has a reputation for having superb suturing skills. But I think she's rather conservative in her opinions (like, no jogging during pregnancy !), so I think I may try out somebody more… open for our second child.

My pregnancy app says we have about 93 days to go. When I showed it to Weide, we looked at each other,swallowed hard, and agreed that it feels so…. scary ! We are going to be real Daddy and Mummy soon ! It's going to be life – changing.  While I feel excited about seeing the little one finally,  the reality is that we are indeed going to raise a life,and there's no manual for this ! Guess it will be quite a journey. …

We are currently reading Sacred Parenting together for our weekly devotion. We have read Sacred Marriage , and did the devotion, and felt that the paradigm shift that we experienced about our perspectives of marriage really helped to centre ourselves back on God’s truth. So we are sure this parenting book will be too!


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